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20l Metal Fuel Jerry Cans


Volume: 20L
Weight: 4.3kg
470x165x345 mm

Article Nr.:
F2100 (without internal coating)
F2200 (with internal coating)



the 20L Oil Jerry Can has big size
neck and cap with 55mm diameter
- Fuel and oil resistant internal coating
- Fuel and oil resistant rubber seal
Article Nr.:O 2200


20l Metal Fuel Jerry Cans

  • Made from 0.9 mm steel

  • Manufactured according to DIN 7274

  • Anti-corrosion protection with powder coating in a wide range of colours from 'RAL' catalogue
    The standard colours for civilian cans are green (RAL6003) and red (RAL3000).

  • Lined with petrol resistant alkyd-ammonia as an internal Anti-Rust paint

  • Wide channel breather reduces the pouring time

  • Strip welding ensures handle strength

  • Leak-Proof closure

  • UN number approval

  • Locking Pin gives additional security against accidental opening

  • Special markings and logos can be arranged




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